She Doesn’t Need A Label. 

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Growing up , I was on the petite side, so I would always hear the same comments from people:

“OMG you are so skinny.”

Do you eat?”

Now, many years,2 kids and 9,876 pizzas later ( I’m absolutely sure I’m underestimating that one ) the comments aren’t directed at me, but I still hear them.

Unfortunately, now they are directed towards my daughter.

My 3 year old daughter. 

People often feel the need to tell her how small she is. How skinny she is. What we should add to her diet. 

Some people may not think being told your “small” is the worst thing in the world. But now I have a 3 year old daughter that is soaking in every word everyone says like a sponge. And every time someone makes a comment about who she is, or how she is, it affects her.

Any label in general towards a child is unnecessary. Too big, too small, too loud, too quiet. 
What are we trying to accomplish when we say those things?
Do we like when we are negatively labeled? 
What makes a person think that a child won’t have those same feelings?
I am sure most people are not saying these things to be hurtful or judgmental on purpose. I am just trying to shed light on a subject that many parents may usually skim over because , maybe they don’t want to be confrontational, or at the moment it may not seem like an issue. 

But insecurities are not genetic. You aren’t born feeling like you were too loud, or too quiet, or too weak or too small. At some point, you were labeled as such. 

Let’s stop that cycle with this generation.

Let’s just let our children , be children. Give them a chance to figure out who they are, what they are, without our labels dissuading them. 

Let them not believe they have to change who they are to be accepted as normal. 

Let them be happy with the way they look. The world will eventually try to tell them they need to change because it’s not good enough. Let them have these precious few years where they just don’t care. 

In the wise words of Billy Dean , let’s just “let them be little.” 


5 thoughts on “She Doesn’t Need A Label. 

  1. SO true! I don’t think anyone should ever make comments about someone’s physical appearance unless they are saying you look great! I was always labeled “bossy” as a child and it’s still something I’m super self-conscious about, so much so that I often over compensate on other things.

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