5 Things You don’t realize You’ll miss.

That Mom life

Does 12 months really go by this fast??? It’s bittersweet. There is a part of me that’s so excited to see what will become of this fiesty  little beaut. But at the same time, I realized there are so many things I will miss!

When I first had Selah, I was so anxious for her to grow up because I felt like the  first few months were so tough. Little did I know those were actually some of the easier days I would have…

In honor of my littlest bug Norah , I put together a list of


#5. Teeny tiny baby cry   

-It’s true. You may think it’s hard to listen to right now, but just wait. It gets worse. Instead  of a faint sweet baby cry ( that’s what I call it now , looking back) it will turn into shrill screeches. My husband and I like to call Norah’s  cry,the elephant-cat. yes, it’s as annoying as it sounds😖

#4. napping for 18 hours a day

the 8 times a day quickly turn into 5, then 3,2, then you just pray that some point in the day they look at your face, have a little mercy, and allow you to take a 5 minute break😬

#3.  the easy appetite 

– hungry? boob or bottle. those were your options. As they get older, mealtimes get fun, but definitely require a little more thought!  The worst is spending X amount of time making (what you think)!is the ultimate meal, and watching it end up all over the floor😬

#2. easy to please 

– enjoy these days where they are thrilled with cardboard boxes and wrapping paper.

#1. no talking back

– When I had Selah, I thought I’d be so anxious to hear those first words…and I was! It was all the words that came after those first words that drove me crazy. I look at my 1 year old that only says Mama,dada,and bubbles!, and  just want to hold on to those innocent moments a little bit longer. As I listen to my threenager talk, reason, argue, complain … I  realize how much I will miss those simple words. Whether  it’s at 3 or 13…I promise, it’s coming😬

There is beauty in every season. Enjoy these moments now while they last because who knows what the future holds.



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