It’s a Mad World. 


It’s been a little over a month since the tragic shooting here in Orlando. Since then, there have been police shootings, deadly protests, the attack in France, the attack in Germany…

I could (unfortunately) go on, but..

All of this made me so tired.

It made me scared.

It made me worried about the world my girls are growing up in.

So I told myself  I had 3 options:

  1. I could continue to live tired,scared, and worried..
  2. I could live in sheer ignorance and believe none of this affects  me personally so I don’t have to worry.
  3. I could find a way to rise above and move on each day.

I suppose I could go with option #1, but who wants to live like that?  I am raising girls that I hope will one day be strong and courageous women. The one way I can be sure that will happen is by being the example.

Maybe you can try and see if option #2 works for you. But after tragedy struck so close to home, I realized that was no longer a choice for me. It happened here. There are 49 less people in my town because of what happened here.  

After the shooting in Orlando, I felt like my safe bubble was popped. I prided myself in living in ( what I believe to be) the most family-friendly city. We have Disney, parks at every corner, churches on every street, year around beach weather. This is where people come to raise kids, vacation, retire. This is not where those tragedies happen.

You can keep telling yourself it won’t affect you, but how will you be able to deal with it if it does ?
So I had to find a way to rise above it all. To turn on the news, hear the bad, and recover from whatever tragic story is being spread on this day.

If you are like me and are just looking for some way to deal with the world we live in today, here’s a few things that have helped me  and will hopefully help you as well.


As a Christian, my hope is in Christ. I find peace in knowing  that This home is not eternal. This life , no matter how good or how bad it is, is only temporary. Every time I turn on the news, I have to remind myself of this. Clinging to that hope is the main thing that gives me the strength to go on every day.

Believe that there is still good out there. There are good people, good deeds, good stories that are going untold.  After the Pulse shooting, I was sickened to hear about the so called “Christian churches” that were praising the death of the victims . But while they were condemning and judging ( which btw, they have no authority to do, but that’s a post for a later day!) there were hundreds of churches in the area offering help in any way they could. There were true Christians that stood in the way of protestors when they were trying to sabatoge the funerals of these victims. These  were just a few examples, but throughout each tragedy, there were countless acts of kindness being shown by strangers. These acts  aren’t always “newsworthy” but they are happening every day.  Believe that goodness still exists.


Be the change you want to see in the world. – Gandhi

Instead of waiting to hear about the good things happening, why can’t we be the ones that are out there doing the good things?  I mentioned earlier that I have to lead by example for my girls. They will eventually learn that this world is not always a good place. But they will also learn that they have every opportunity to make it a better place.

I truly believe every single person has something  to offer. Whether it is giving financially or volunteering your time, do something.  

If you are so outraged by all the social injustices going on around us , do something. 

As long as we are alive, this is the world we are living in. How will you make it through these days? 



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