These are my confessions part 1


We live in a world where we are constantly being judged by someone for something. And because we fear that judgement, we try to hide our insecurities , or pretend it doesn’t exist. Or , better yet, we make ourselves miserable trying to do everything perfectly so everyone on the outside will think we are a stepford wife. 

I don’t know about you, but trying to play that Susie Homemaker role 24/7 became a little exhausting for me. So I’ve taken some shortcuts along the way that I thought I’d share! 

Sanctimommies be prepared. Its not pretty😳

  •  Selah always wears hats because I don’t know how to do hair. 

I wonder if anyone ever picked up on that!? 

    • chick Fila is our 2nd home.  this is my #1 place to go when 1) I didn’t plan a lunch. 2) I need to get out of the house 3) it’s soo hot/rainy outside and we want to play indoors.  I’m pretty sure I go there enough that I could list the GM as our emergency contact. 
    • sometimes we bake and throw it away.   I’m a horrible baker, and I don’t care too much for it baking. I’d rather buy my desserts ( leave it to the professionals!) but my daughter has so much fun baking. So,once a week, we will bake a cake, cupcakes, banana bread,etc.. when it’s finished, we clean up, and she goes on her merry way. I look at the thing that’s supposed to be edible. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Most of the time it isn’t. The important thing is we had fun!? 

      • we binge watch Veggietales on Netflix. I stay at home 6 days out of the week with my girls. They are with me from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep. That’s  a lot of hours and days to fill in. One can only do so many arts&crafts,playground time, and self play. Between playdates, soccer,dance, there are days where we just want to Netflix and chill. kudos to the mamas that can follow the AAP guidelines for 30 mins of tv a day, but there are days in this house that is just not happening. I wonder if members of the AAP has kids? do they realize that is only 1 episode of Doc mcstuffins? 
      • Mr. George always calls before coming home from work so he can ask if he needs to pick up dinner. I used to stress myself so much over making sure everything was perfect by the time he came home, and that included having dinner ready on the table.  With 2 little ones to entertain, laundry, cleaning, shopping,  and the million other little things Needed to get done, dinner sometimes takes a backseat… no one else is going to do all those other chores, but sometimes I will let Chipotle or the Pizza guy take care of dinner.  🙌

        (although I will say the handy dandy crock pot has become my best friend throughout the years …after the pizza guy) 

        • I take care of me first. I realized very quickly after my 2nd child, if I don’t stop and take care of myself, I will never be able to take care of my family to the best of my ability.

        I realize the social media world is filled with the pictures and the posts of all the amazing things we all do. We like to show only the best of ourselves.The arts & crafts, the lunches and dinners made from everything in our gardens, the Montessouri lessons we teach our kids. And I am guilty of that too! But God forbid the world sees what’s behind the scenes? Are we secure enough in ourselves to show the good with the bad? Can we handle the criticisms we may get ? Are you showing people the life you live or the life you want them to think you live?  

        I realized  the only people’s opinions that Really mattered, didn’t care if I was a Stepford  wife or Martha Stewart mommy. 

        I stopped caring if other women thought I was doing everything right.  Perfect mom, perfect wife, perfect daughter. At the end of the day , who really cares?  If you’re family and You ( don’t forget you!) are happy, don’t worry about what the rest of the world will think about you. 

        There is no protocol created for us to follow to be the best wife or mother. You just do the best you can. You love as much as you can. You spend as much  quality time as you can. These are the things you can do.  When you focus on all those things you can do, you learn to worry a little less about all the things you can’t.


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