The 3 C’s of shopping !



One of my absolute favorite things to do is dress up Selah. Its been pretty lucky for me that she seems to enjoy it just as much ( it melts my heart when she asks for her hat!)

The thing about toddlers  though, is they tend to grow out of things fairly quickly, so you want to be smart about shopping for them!


When shopping for Selah, I tend to  ask myself  these 3 questions:

Is it comfortable?
There is no point in forcing a kid to wear something they will feel miserable in! I think one of the main reasons Selah enjoys dressing up is because she has a say in it! If she tells me she doesn’t feel comfortable in it, then I wouldn’t make her wear it. Comfortable toddler= happy toddler !


Is it cost effective?
Don’t get it confused, cost effective does not mean cheap ! ( although sometimes it can, and that’s always nice when you can find something cost effective and inexpensive!) Cost effective in terms of shopping for clothing means, are you going to get the most out what you buy? If I spend (  X amount )on a pair of pants for Selah, can I style it several ways with several different outfits? Is there room to grow?


And lastly,

Is it chic?
Do You think its stylish? Cute? Don’t just buy things because its on sale. If you don’t like it when you see it, chances are you won’t like it when you get home and you will end up wasting money on something that you didn’t really even like to begin with but just bought  because you felt like it was a really good deal! Trust me, I’ve done that enough times to realize its not worth it😐


I say this is this is the rule of thumb I follow when shopping for Selah, but honestly, these are questions anyone can ( and maybe should) ask themselves when buying clothes!

Your clothes are an investment. You never know if the right outfit can catch the eye of your potential spouse( how exciting!) Or give you the extra boost of confidence at an interview because you know you look good!

Whatever the case may be, if you are going to spend money on something, let it be money well spent!

Any other questions you can think of that would be helpful when shopping?


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